Monday, June 18, 2012

Man's Most Important Role

I always make couples who come to my marriage re-sparking weekend play a game together. They are given a 12-word puzzle to form a meaningful phrase. After several unsuccessful attempts, they will eventually converge to the following sentence:

"Woe to the house whose hen crows and the cock keeps quiet."

There will always be one or two couples who take a little longer time to understand this phrase and its implication. But as they ponder over it, the warning becomes clear.

Of all the roles that a man has to undertake from his first breathe to his last, the two most crucial ones are the roles of the husband and father. One cannot be a good father if he were not a good husband. And no man can be considered successful in any other endeavors in life if his relationship with his wife were broken.

A strong, loving and powerful family boils down to one element - the leadership of the head of the household. As husband, a man must take the spiritual leadership over his wife and provide the covering over her. As father, he must lead his children in the way in which they should go, teach them right values and establish their character.

This is the primal role for a man who has a family. He cannot delegate this role to his wife, to his parents or to the church leaders.

However, some men spend more time leading his workers, his company and even his church than leading his wife and children. There are those who give the reason that they have a wife who is hard to satisfy and wants all thing done only in her way. They are others who are simply "too busy with other important things" than to take the lead at home. On the other hand, there are wives who do not think highly enough of their husband's capability and simply takes over.

Herein lies the issue. When the hen crows regularly and the cock is silent, the spousal and family relationships can never be as loving, strong and powerful as it should be.

Man is created to be a leader. He is wired to lead. This particularly applies to his role in his family. Men must lead, but sadly, not all of them do, nor are willing to do so.

This reversal of role, or the abdication of the leadership and responsibilities of the man, was never meant to be. Man must regain his ordained position as head of the family and provide the spiritual, emotional and physical covering over his wife and children.

Similarly, woman must respect and support the man and free him to be the head of the family, even if her man were not as capable as she is.

Great lovers understand this principle. While submitting to each other out of a reverence for their Creator, they show love and respect to each other.

Set the order right in your relationship and see power flow through your family. Let the cock crow distinctively once again!


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