Monday, December 24, 2012

Living out our marriage vow

Last Saturday morning, I witness the holy matrimony of a young couple. They met in their junior college days and became a pair then. That was 9 years ago.

In the early years of their relationship, the groom left for further studies in the US. The difficulties associated with their long-distance relationship strained them. They grew apart and when he finally returned home after his graduation, they broke up. That was after 7 years courting each other.

During the period of separation, both drew closer in their personal relationship with God. And through that, they were brought back together again.

They testified that theirs was an union sewed by the hands of the Almighty God. They said that without God's intervention, they would not have made it as a couple.

I absolutely believe them.

As such, it was especially meaningful and poignant when they exchanged their vows .....

"I take you to be my husband/wife,
to have and to hold from this day forward,
for better, or for worse,
for richer, or for poorer,
in sickness, and in health,
to love and to honor
and to cherish unconditionally.
Forsaking all others, I will be faithful to you.
And with this ring, I thee wed."

They reminded me of Michelle's and my vows to one another on our wedding day. We used the same words then and I thank God that after almost 31 years, I can say that we have lived out the essence of that vow.

It was certainly not a fairy tale story for us. We went through good as well as difficult times in our journey. We laughed and cried together, praised as well as criticized each other. We agreed and  disagreed, argued and supported different perspectives and opinions. We cared for each other in moments of sickness and pain. We learned to love and to honor one another.

Michelle and I made deliberate efforts throughout our marital journey to fill the role as God's chosen companion for each other. With reverence, we asked for His help to fulfill that role.

I believe that the success of our relationship was primarily hinged on our belief in God, who helped us keep our vows that we made before Him in the first place.

If you want bliss and happiness in your marital relationship, do not forget each and every word in your vow to one another. Ask God to help you not only to remember them, but to act out the commitments daily. You will become a great lover!


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