Monday, March 3, 2014

Of Honey Bees and Buzzard Flies

At a recent marriage enrichment talk that we conducted, Michelle offered a piece of advice to the wives (works the same for the husbands too).

She said that buzzard flies always go in search for dead animals. When they find a decaying carcass, they will gorge themselves on it, devouring the meat to the bare bones.

On the other hand, honey bees only look for sweet nectar. God created them such that they can discriminate the best flowers in the garden to suck up the sweetness.

Honey bees produce honey combs, providing honey which is good for health. Buzzard flies produce nothing except the disgusting sight of them devouring the decomposed carcass. They also carry diseases that hurt human beings.

Buzzard flies and honey bees always find what they are looking for. This is the law of nature!

In the same way, we will always find what we are looking for in our spouse. If you are looking for faults, you will surely find them. If you are looking for the goodness in your spouse, you will also surely find them.

The buzzard flies and honey bees do not have the ability to choose what they want to find. That's how they are created. But we do, that's how we are created - we have the ability to choose.

Quoting from God's Little Devotional Book for Couples (Honor Books), Michelle gave a simple but most appropriate advice to the wives at that talk:

"To his virtues be very kind.
To his faults be a little blind."

So, choose if you want to be a buzzard fly or a honey bee. Michelle and I have chosen.

Be a better lover, today - start to look for the goodness in your lover and you will be surprised how much you can find. Savour it, for it will be like honey to you.


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