Monday, April 1, 2019

My Grandson's First Sleepover Affected Our Marriage

My 4-year old grandson had his first sleepover with us last Friday.

A few months ago, he had his maiden sleepover with his paternal grandparents. I asked him then, when would he do the same with us. He said, 'I will sleepover at your house after I come back from my Japan holiday.'

He came back 2 weeks ago and kept his word; something we all are proud of and can learn from this young boy.

To welcome him, we bought a tent and rigged it up in my backyard, pretending that we were  camping (grandparents go to extremes to captivate their grandchildren.) We didn't sleep in the tent eventually because it was terribly humid that night.

He slept later than usual that night because he was excited.
As he sat on our bed fighting to keep his eyes open, he uttered, 'I miss mama.' I told him that I know and that it was well as we were with him. In less than 2 minutes, he went into a deep slumber, with a face filled with satisfaction of a great day with grandpa and grandma.

Sleeping between us, he rumbled through six different positions, which kept Michelle and I awake throughout the night. At first, he was sleeping parallel to us, then on Michelle's stomach, then on my chest before heading to my thigh, and finally back to parallel.

All three of us woke up early the next morning, and we were greeted with the best smile ever from our little Samuel. It melted our hearts. His angelic smile made us we forget how sleepy we actually were.

Then little Samuel said, 'Gong gong, we hibernated together last night.'

My jaws dropped in pleasant surprise. But to test that he really understood that word, I asked, 'So where did we hibernate together?'

'On your bed,' Samuel replied in a split-second.

'Wow, he has a vocabulary beyond a 4-year old,' I thought to myself. It must be that Mama and Dada had taught him well. We are so proud of them too.

Through my grandson's first sleepover with us, my heart tells me that Michelle and I are truly blessed. With all our children all having their own family and home, Michelle and I are still celebrating life and enjoying it. We have no empty nest, but a golden one!

Is this Maximum Marriage or what?

We believe that it is.

Just 2 days ago, a prominent person asked me what gives me energy every morning when I wake up. Without hesitation I answered, 'My marriage.'

I think both of us were surprised (yes, this was probably the first time I have actually declared this).

He asked me how is that so. I explained that I am so happy every night to lie beside Michelle and to be able to wake up with her beside me every morning. So it must be that my marriage gives me the energy to live life every day. This is in context that God is in the center of my and Michelle's life.

With our experience, we truly believe that you can also have a Maximum Marriage of your own. It did not come as a miracle. We made effort to build our relationship  through our 37 years of marriage. It was not smooth sailing all the way, but we kept at it and even had to plow through many challenges to be where we are now. It was painful many times, but it is worth every ounce of energy that we had put in to build our marriage.

You can too....


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What a wonderful sharing. God's blessings.

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