Monday, February 6, 2012

Invest In Each Other

Michelle and I "invested" much time and money in our children when they were very young. At that time, we thought that investment in them meant sending them for all sorts of fun and preparatory classes. Those included countless art, ballet and music classes, swimming and play schools. As they grew older, we spent lots of money in their tuition and enrichment courses. Little did we know that we were burdening them and us instead of helping them.

What they wanted was really spending time with us. Time to hear us telling them stories, cuddling them, praying with them, having fun, guiding and teaching them. Thankfully, we realized our "mistake" and spent many good moments with our children. We truly enjoyed those time and our family still reminisce over those precious times.

While we did all those wonderful "family" things, Michelle and I did not neglect to invest in each other. We are glad that amidst all the busyness of bringing up our children and building in our careers, we deliberately invested in each other.

Michelle and I are so glad that we did that because we are reaping great payouts now that our children have all grown up.

Because we invested in each other in our early years, we are growing closer and stronger in love then ever before.

Because we invested in each other, we have grown more tolerant of, more forgiving with and more willing to please each other.

These "dividends" allow us to wake up daily looking forward to each others company and enjoy each day. They help us to help others too.

Too many parents are finding it challenging to spend good time with each other. They are constantly busy with their careers, housework, bringing up children ... the reasons abound. But do consider the acronym for BUSY - Burdened Under Satan's Yoke !

Broken families, bad relationships, divorces, faithlessness are some of the things Satan wants from men. There is nothing good from him who comes to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10a).

We can counteract these attacks by asking for the Holy Spirit's help to invest in each other. Your children are not your first priority. Your spouse is. Start investing in your spouse. Build a strong marriage and you will have time and energy to build a strong family.

Michelle and I jealously guard our times together. We do not spend more time with our friends, for service in the ministry, with our children, in our career than with time to build up our relationship. This does not mean that we are selfishly spending time with each other. Instead, what we do is to put each other in top priority and therefore do lots of things together. We holiday together, minister and serve together, meet friends together, have fun together ... get the point?

More importantly, we spend time to build each other up in the spirit and in our emotion. This is one of the most crucial factor and I will share in detail in my next posting.

Meanwhile, start to invest in each other and enjoy the dividends.

God bless.


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