Monday, April 2, 2012

Be Attractive

Michelle and I facilitated a Couples' Getaway weekend two days ago. It was a weekend aimed at getting couples to reignite their romance and deepen their love for each other.

We promoted intimacy as a defense against the attacks on our marriage. It was not just about physical intimacy, but also spiritual, emotional and recreational intimacy.

On the subject of physical intimacy, I promoted keeping oneself attractive. A lady in the group asked me to clarify this statement. She wondered if what I said meant that the wife must keep herself looking beautiful all the time.

It was an appropriate question to ask. And it gave me an opportunity to clarify what I meant to always keep oneself attractive to your lover.

Attractiveness is certainly not skin-deep. Neither is it only about looks nor only for the wives to work on.

The basic question is, "What does my spouse find attractive in me in the first place?"

Quite certainly a couple fall in love because they are attracted to one another. It could be a character trait, a behavior, such as joyfulness, gentleness, compassion, decisiveness, composure. It could also be physical looks.

Michelle attracts me constantly with her compassion for others, her generosity and her willingness to upkeep her physique. I am attractive to her because she feels that I consider her interests above mine and for my passion to minister to others. As a result, we find each other very attractive.

Great lovers constantly work at continuing to be attractive to each other. They also work on to be attracted by their lover. Great lovers must be attractive and be attracted to one another.

So, find out what your lover is attracted to you for and work hard to continue to make yourself attractive to him or her. And work on being attracted by your lover.

That's true attractiveness.

Great lovers work on to attract their lover!


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