Monday, May 21, 2012

Recreational Intimacy

In the last one month, how much time did you spend  with your spouse in recreation activities? (Only time spent solely as a couple counts and so time out with family is to be excluded.)

a.  5 hours or less.
b.  Between 5 to 10 hours.
c.  More than 10 hours.

Given that we all have 480 hours over 30 days and we spend an average of 176 hours at work and sleep for 240 hours, there is another 64 hours available for other pursuits.

How did you spend that 64 available hours? Or who did you spend it with?

With regard to the answers to the quiz, your recreation time with your spouse, respectively, is as follow:

a = Less than 1% of 480 hours or 8% of your available 64 hours.
b = Between 1% to 2% one month or 16% of your free time.
c = More than 2% or 16% respectively.

So, even if like me, you spent more than 10 hours last month recreating with your spouse, it was less than 2% of all the time you have in a month.

Intimacy in recreation is something that many couples miss out on. Most probably have not heard of it at all. Is recreational intimacy so important in spousal relationship? Could or should a couple be intimate in recreation?

"Absolutely yes!" is my affirmative answer.

My wife and I spend lots of time having fun together. And why not?

When we were courting, spending time together playing games, exercising and even shopping was fun. We enjoyed those days, so why do we want to give those good times up after we are married?

Recreation is an important part of our rest and recharge cycle. And who better to spend it with you than with the one you love most?

Spouses who frequently engage in recreational activities together are closer to each other. The simple reason is that they are not only spending quality time with one another, they are also enjoying themselves.

If that is so, why are so many couples not doing it?

Not that a couple would deliberately give up spending these times, but more often than not, distractions keep them from doing so.

Unceasing demands from their children, parents, career, church work, and even demand for one's own private time, form the myriad of reasons for not spending recreation time with each other.

My wife and I deliberately allot time and priority to engage in recreation activities together. We are both busy people. But we know the importance of allocating regular times to meet for meals, go shopping, attend Pilates sessions, go for ball room dancing lessons and go for short escapades together.

To have these times, we have to trade them with other activities, that is, we have to give up doing other things. But it is worth every bit of it. Recreational intimacy adds another pillar to our foundation of a great spousal relationship. After all we are already spiritually, emotionally and sexually intimate with each other already. So why not being intimate recreating?

Great lovers deliberate allocate time to engage in recreational activities together.


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