Monday, July 16, 2012


"All couples need help to strengthen their spousal relationship."

Does this statement surprise you? It should not. Michelle and I do...all the time!

We are humans. We make mistakes. We lose control of our emotion, tongue and head sometimes, maybe a little too often for some. But we all do. When that happens, many couples get hurt. Sharp words cut, inappropriate reactions add to the pain, and the relationship is strained.

Some couples take their quarrels in their stride. Some try to resolve it by themselves. Some resign to the belief that life is hard. Yet some others add more fuel to their differences and quarrel more. Despite the different treatments, there is one thing for sure - we can overcome the problem easier if we had some form of help.

Like many couples in the early years of marriage, Michelle and I had to deal with various issues that are common to newly weds. We had then tried to resolve them on our own as we did not know who to turn to for help. While we thank God that we did come through successfully, it took us a lot more effort to do so. And we could have given up on our marriage then.

But I remember those times when we had help from those who cared; we were able to recover and reconcile quickly and even grew closer. It was then that we realized how important it was to have someone whom we can look up to, talk to and help us to resolve our differences.

We have since build up relationships with a couple of close friends whom we can share our problems with, pray together and keep a look out for each other in our walk. Michelle and I have also become close friends and accountability partners with various couples, allowing them to share their problems with us, helping them in their quarrels, pacifying, soothing and helping them to reconcile.

The bottom line is this; we all need help from others to ensure that our marital relationship grow strong and steady. There is one thing for sure - problems will crop up again and again, and when we cannot cope by our self, having help from those who care will keep us from straying into marital discord.

Find yourself a couple whom both of you can trust and relate to, and whom you can rely on for help. Ask them to be your marriage accountability partner, to give encouragement and support when you hit a problem that both you and your spouse cannot resolve. The support you get from them will be a big help to keep your marital relationship going well.

God bless.


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