Monday, January 21, 2013

Learning from the Lovely Dinosaurs

The lessons from the Dinosaurs continue ...

#1 - Keep looking out for the good traits, be aware of the bad ones but choose to overlook them.

"Love", they say, "is blind." It certainly was so while Michelle and I were courting.

It only dawned upon us after we were married that we had character traits that the other did not quite like. Some of those irritated us terribly. The over-used example of "which end of the toothpaste do we squeeze on" paled into insignificance when compared with some other more critical issues we had.

In the early years, we quarreled over many of those issues.

Each of us obviously had many good character traits that were pleasing to the other. Instead of appreciating those, we often took them for granted.

The Dinosaurs are smarter. They look out for the good traits (see words in capital letters) and while being aware of the bad ones (small letters), they choose to over look them.

Michelle and I learned this as we grew deeper into our relationship. It worked wonders for us. Now, we choose to speak well of each other and do not take offense when some of the remnant bad habits pop up once in a while.

We spend a whole lot of our conversation saying the good things about the other. By so doing, we shut out the bad ones.

The Dinosaurs go one step further. They melt each others heart with KIND words and LOVING thoughts.

I would like to emphasize the importance of having loving thoughts of each other.

Our action and reaction start from our thoughts. That is why it is so important to have loving thoughts of your spouse. I speak the way I think. And so does Michelle. When I think of Michelle being loving and lovely, I speak words that compliment that. This makes her feel good, and I feel good that she does.

Speaking well of each other starts with thinking well of each other. So,choose to fill your mind with good thoughts about your spouse constantly. You will find that what you say will be well too.

Great lovers think and speak well of the other!


(Cartoons belong to Mr Edward Monkton. They are from his simple but wonderful book titled, "A LOVELY LOVE STORY" by HarperCollins Publishers. The book was a present from our daughter for our 31st wedding anniversary.)

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