Monday, February 18, 2013

Building the Golden Nest

Michelle and I have being married for 31 years - whether we like it or not, we are getting older by the day. Our two daughters are already working. Our son will graduate from the university in another 10 months.

Like the Dinosaurs, we will be having lots of time to spend with each other as our children live their own life and build their own family. The world used the term, "empty nest" to describe this phase of a couple's life. Technically, they are correct.

Many couple dread and do not welcome an empty nest. Without the children, with whom many have used as the glue to their  relationship, they have nothing or very little else in common after 20-30 years together. The home becomes a boring place and for some, it even turns into a battle ground for the couple. This is because they had spent so much time building their career, bringing up the children and caring for the family, that they did not spend time building their own relationship. And when the empty nest comes, they cannot handle the emptiness in the nest.

Michelle and I had carefully planned for that day when we will be alone again. We have been deliberate in wanting to make it our Golden Love Nest instead of an empty one. And so, we spend lots of time throughout the years to engage each other spiritually, emotionally, physically and recreation-ally to welcome the golden love nest.

We pray together daily and this creates the most crucial connection with one another. Without the spiritual intimacy, we would not be able to overcome many obstacles in our life.

We strive to offer our shoulder for each other to cry on, ears and heart to hear each others' challenges and pains, and share each others' successes and joy. We add to our emotional intimacy account daily.

Michelle has kept herself physically well and attractive. At her constant encouragement, I have kept the beer belly away and trained to have toned muscles. And we enjoy a great sexual relationship with one another. Let there be no doubt that physical intimacy can continue into the sunset years. It is not just about orgasm, but warmth and assurance through regular touch and demonstrated interest in one another.

We deliberately spend fun time together. There are many individual hobbies that we have given up so that we can have the time to go dancing, attending Pilates classes, serving in church, shopping and holidaying together. That helped us build up our recreation intimacy.

We are confident of stepping into our next phase of life with joy, simply because we have prepared ourselves. In fact, we are looking forward to our Golden Love Nest where we can spend lots of time romancing one another again ..... just like the Dinosaurs.

Here are the concluding parts to the Dinosaurs' story.

May I encourage you to start preparing for your Golden Love Nest right away. The earlier you do it, the better for you and your spouse.

And before we leave this subject, check out Steven's and Michelle's video testimony:


(Cartoons belong to Mr Edward Monkton. They are from his simple but wonderful book titled, "A LOVELY LOVE STORY" by HarperCollins Publishers. The book was a present from our daughter for our 31st wedding anniversary.)

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