Monday, May 19, 2014

Deliberately Catching Her Red-Handed

For a while and especially in the last few years, Michelle has been regularly doing and saying some things that really affected me emotionally. I thought it important to let her know and I reckoned that the best time to tell her is whenever I catch her doing or saying those things, red-handed.

She may not have realized this; I have been deliberately looking out to catch her red-handed.

She did it again on Sunday night.

As we left for church that morning, a thunderstorm pelted our house. When we came home at night, I found my room flooded. Yes, flooded. There were puddles of water on the marble floor of the study area, and the water had seeped into the wooden flooring of the dresser area and also into the walk-in wardrobe. It was a mess.

Michelle as in the kitchen when I announced the disaster. She rushed up to the room to survey the damage. It was not a good sight.

As I started cleaning up, she did it again! She said something that affected me emotionally, again. I caught her red-handed and I took the opportunity to tell her how I felt.

This was what she said - "It is alright Steven, in everything give thanks. Water represents wealth. Now you have great wealth!"

Yes, once again I caught her speaking well and encouraging me. And I thank her for it.

Catching her doing good things makes me feel good. It makes her feel good too, that I appreciate the good things that she does for me.

Too often, couples catch each other doing wrong things. Good deeds are taken for granted. Not so good ones are caught, highlighted and negatively reciprocated. No wonder their relationship suffers.

I used to be quick at catching her doing wrong things. Thank God that I have learned to do otherwise. Nowadays, I am on a lookout to catch her doing right and when caught, I let her know how much I appreciate her. She is happy and so am I. It has certainly improved our emotional intimacy. It has also allowed me to see less and less of the wrong things she does because my eyes and my mind are fixed on catching her doing right!

Try it, it will enrich your marriage.

Be a better lover, today - constantly keep a lookout to catch your lover red-handed doing good. And show appreciation immediately.


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