Saturday, December 19, 2015

How to select the best gift for your spouse for Christmas

You are reading this article probably because you are attracted by the title. And you won't be disappointed. Before I go on, let me congratulate you for wanting to select the best gift for your spouse. This is a good start!

The advertisements scream loudly, "Christmas is a season for giving .... Show your love with a perfect gift .... Diamond is your wife's best friend ...." The bottom line for the advertisers is to get you to buy something for your loved ones.

How do you select the best gift then?

The best gift is one that your spouse can feel most loved when he or she receives it. Wow, isn't this a given? Yes, but do you know what to give? You are probably not so sure, right? So here is my answer for you ....

Go back to the basics - give something in your spouse's love language. If it is:

a.  Receiving Gifts - Buy presents for him/her, consider something useful or of sentimental value.

b.  Quality Time - Make an effort to plan and spend "couple-alone" time during the holidays (and often)... send the kids away or go away for a "just-the-two-of-us" weekend.

c.  Acts of Service - Do something that he/she normally does eg., cook and wash the dishes for her, clean up the house and the car for him, run the errands that he/she normally does.

d.  Words of Affirmation - Speak well of your spouse, especially in front of your children and others, deliberately look out for the good things he/she did and heap praises and say how much you appreciate him/her.

e.  Physical Touch -  Hug and kiss lots, give him/her a massage, initiate sex and show him/her how much you enjoy it.

So you see, the best gift for the season (and every day else) is not necessarily something that you can buy from the shops. It is the one that your spouse can perceive your love from.

 (If you are not aware of your spouse's love language, get him/her to tell you or take a free online test at and find out.)

Give the gift of true love to your spouse and have a blessed Christmas .... 

God bless.


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