Thursday, November 22, 2018

About Opening the Car Door and Pulling Out the Chair for My Lover

Many people notice that I always open the car door for my wife to get in and then close it after.

Similarly, I will pull out the chair at the table for her to position herself to sit, and then push the chair in place.

I do these two acts especially at public places. So, quite a number of male friends asked me if I was merely trying to show off my gentlemanly gallantry. They complained that in the process, I am sabotaging them as their wife would expect the same treatment.

I must admit that I am really trying to show off.
No doubt about that.

But what they missed is that I am not showing off my gallantry. I would not bother to as it gives me no gain.

Truth be told, I do those acts with one deliberate intention, and for an audience of one - Michelle!

In his ever-green book on marriage, Courting After Marriage, Leadership and Relationship guru, Zig Ziglar greatly inspired me when he shared the core reason for always opening the car door and pulling out the chair at the table for his wife, whom he affectionately called the Redhead.

The reason was simple - Zig wanted to show to the Redhead that she is the most precious person in his life. By simply opening the car door and pulling out the chair for her, he was shouting to the world and to his wife, that she is so important to him that he wants to honour all the time. And by doing it in front of people, Zig is affirming her place of honour when the people begin to comment that she must be very precious to him, and that made her feel even more loved.

Michelle will attest that I do not just open the car door and pull out the chair at the table for her in public spaces. Because my reason is to honour her, I do the same when no one is watching. I open the car door for her in our garage. I pull out the chair for her at home and even when we are dining alone.

I do that because I choose to honour the most precious person in my life. And my reward is that I began I love her even more, and she reciprocates her love all the more.

Men, honour your wife. Start by simply opening the car door and pulling out the chair at the table for her. You will be surprised by the transformation in your marriage. It is a proven way to grow your Maximum Marriage.

And just one advice for the wives - when your husband opens the car door and pulls out the chair at the table for you, look into his eyes and say, "Thank you!"

God bless.


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