Monday, November 28, 2011

Involve The Third Party

To have a great marriage, we must involve a third party!

Not just any third party, but The Third Party who has an interest to keep our marriage strong. I am referring to God, the Father of Jesus Christ, the provider of the Holy Spirit, our comforter.

Concerning marriage, Jesus said in Matthew 19:5-7 (The Message) that "Because God created this organic union of the two sexes, no one should desecrate his art by cutting them apart." The NIV version says, "what God has joined, let no one separate."

To enjoy a great marriage, spouses must know that marriage is a Spirit-led sexual union of the their spirit, body and mind (emotion). It is not just the coming together of the physical and emotional lives of two persons. Their spiritual union must reign supreme; it must be the dictatorial factor of the relationship between husband and wife.

A strong spiritual relationship between husband and wife and God provides the fuel for a long lasting and loving physical and emotional relationship - this is the basic characteristic of great lovers!

This realization compels us to be loving, considerate, always wanting to please and to encourage our spouse. More importantly, it allows us to solve conflicts in a Holy Spirit-led manner.

Michelle and I have relied on The Third Party to keep our love for each other burning strong and bright. What do we do practically?

1.  We pray together daily. We pray for ourselves, our family, our ministry, our pastors, our friends and as the Holy Spirit leads. Praying together binds us spiritually together. This is the "#1 must do" activity for all who want a great marriage.

2.  We pray whenever a potential quarrel/conflict rears its head (and yes, we do have disagreements). Whenever a disagreement begins, Michelle and I will pray on our own to prevent Satan from using it to start a war between us (he is an expert at doing that). We usually pray in tongues to allow the Holy Spirit to take control of the words and our emotions. This has never failed us. Why? When we pray, we invite The Third Party into our situation and declares our need for His help. His love never fails. He soothes the heartache and shuts the mouth from damaging words and paves the way for our reconciliation.

3.  We worship and praise The Third Party together whenever we have the opportunity. Not just during church services, but at home, in the car as we drive and even when we are intimately enjoying each other. A grateful heart is another basic ingredient for a powerful and happy marriage.

So my fellow great lovers, be determined to always have The Third Party in your marriage. Spend time building your spiritual union with Him and with your spouse.

Enjoy God's presence in your marriage. After all, He is the greatest Lover of all!


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BianKian said...

Thanks for the simple and effective advise...and it's always the simple stuff that works well gives you great result!