Monday, October 15, 2012

Love must be celebrated!

It was Michelle’s birthday last Thursday.

I took the day off to celebrate with her. We have simple pleasures. Our celebration started with as session of foot reflexology at our favorite joint in Chinatown in the morning, followed by a couple’s lunch and a few hours of shopping at Centrepoint, where she bought me more things that I bought her. The family celebrated with a dinner at the Mezzanine at The Grand Hyatt.

That morning, I woke up very early and went to the wet market with a single-minded and passionate mission of buying a bouquet of flowers for her.

Michelle loves flowers. And I love to give her flowers, especially on her birthday and on our wedding anniversary. I know she loves receiving my flowers every time. 

I have been giving her flowers for more than 35 years.

During our courting days, it was usually a stock of rose. That was what I could afford then. When I started earning, I offered small bouquets of roses. Carnations and lilies became popular when she became a mom. I would make sure (and still do), that she would get a bouquet of nice flowers on each of her birthday.

To celebrate our love, I would give roses to her on our wedding anniversary. The bouquet got bigger each year; each would hold as many roses as the number of years we are married. My last bouquet had 29 red roses and 1 white one in the center.

Amongst many other reasons, she loves me for my consistency in this.
Michelle received another bouquet of flowers that afternoon. It was delivered by a courier. The card that accompanied the bouquet read –
Happy Birthday Mom!
Have not forgotten the date and
remembering (it) from Sweden.
Love, Nat

It was from Nathaniel, our son who is in Sweden doing his university exchange semester. Michelle was elated.

The family celebrated her birthday; Natalie and Darrell (eldest daughter and son-in-law) bought the family dinner. Our youngest daughter, Natalina, bought Michelle a pair of beautiful earrings.
I am so glad that I was able to influence my children to celebrate love just as well. Needless to say, what they did delighted Michelle so much that her face shone into the night.

Love must be celebrated – celebrate it often!

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Paul Tan said...

Well done my friend! Celebrate love and celebrate life! Praise God for your godly teaching and continue to pass it on to all your loved ones and friends! Shalom!